Why I Closed AuroraScape

Mar 5, 2013
I first want to thank everyone who was on AuroraScape, and I have to apologize to all of you. I know the life of AuroraScape was short but there are multiple reasons to this, and I mean no ill intent to the developers of Aurora by what I have to say in this blog.Firstly, AuroraScape was doing pretty good. But that was how it looked on the outside, there were a lot of problems, things I just cannot work on as I am not a programmer.
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Who Is Timothy Vyper/Hoxley/Rogers

Feb 23, 2013
I just keep reading all this stuff about all these other grids, and the people who have influences there. Now that I am a grid owner, been making myself know more and more over the past year with all the things I have started. Grid-Press, SoftPaw Estates, Zetamex, and my latest AuroraScape. I will admit I am not perfect, hell I never even went to college! Also another zinger for all you people, did you all know that I am only 20 years old?
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Top 10 Reasons Not To Give Up On Aurora-Sim

Feb 21, 2013
I am very sad to see so many people tell me that I should give up on Aurora-Sim, and that it is a waste. I think it is mostly been placed there because people remember its biggest tank, and the failure of Nova Grid. So I am going to show you the top 10 reasons why I think the metaverse should give it another shot, and get back to helping with its development.
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Needing Rest

Feb 20, 2013
It sure has been a long first 20 days, I can’t believe how far all of us have come. Yes after the upgrade happened, we lost a nice chunk of regions, but I am sure we will be getting them back soon. All I can say is I am taking a few steps back for the next few days, from grid upgrades. I will still be around, doing money cash outs, trouble shooting, and processing orders.
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Thank You

Feb 13, 2013
Thank You AuroraScape Community, In the short 13 days since our very rough start, we have already hit a number of 67 registered residents, 51 Regions, and an average concurrency of 5-9 people online at any time. This is something that really impresses me for us only being 13 days old. I don’t think I could have been any happier with the results of the opening of AuroraScape. I am so excited, just logging in.
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Explaining OpenSim Memory Usage

Feb 11, 2013
I have had a couple people ask me to show them some tips and show them how to conserve memory usage in OpenSim. So I am going to be using sim-on-a-stick for today’s tips and tricks. Now the reason for this is because now with sim-on-a-stick, we have the database running in MySQL which saves a bit of memory, and the fact it is already setup and ready to go out of the box.
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New Years Resolutions

Dec 31, 2012
It is that time of the year, when people start making New Year Resolutions. Well I have never really made any other than once for a class assignment. But this year I really think I need to make some real resolutions. So I thought I would post them here on my personal blog for everyone to read and be aware. Focus on business, and put helping others second. Why because I keep helping others and putting myself in debt.
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Battle of Business vs OpenSource

Aug 9, 2012
Alright lately I have been getting overwhelmed with all the drama of the oldest argument in the world of internet technologies. So who should win? Big business or opensource projects? Well the answer is simple, THE ARE NOT AT WAR!!!! So let us start off with the ATTACK against an innocent content contribute to the opensim community. Linda Kellie, is a large fan girl of opensim, and that is all she is.
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Lil About Me & Some Rage

Jul 14, 2012
First off you might be asking why the hell am I putting a Nicki Minaj music video on my blog? Well although I am hypocritical, I have accepted the fact that the lyrics of this song is what I have done to move forward with my life. My good friend Linda Kellie, I have come to view her as life hero, someone who knows what it is to live with the same things I deal with.
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Finding My Place

Jul 2, 2012
SoftPaw Estates is starting to really kick off and do quite well for itself. Clients are already telling me that they love the service. I have been cranking out updates to the webui, that should be launching soon, something that I think is long deserved and greatly needed. The ability to control your region from a web page. I haven’t determined how much I will be charging, but I am looking for current clients will be getting it at no additional cost, however if clients in the future wish to have the web panel, I will charge 5-10usd extra for it.
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