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Hi there, I am by day a UNIX\Linux System Administrator and the rest of the time I am just a big old Linux nerd. I have been running Linux as my daily driver pretty much since I was nine years old. I found it after getting my first computer, and it was so slow and wanted to find something that would run faster. I found something called ZenWalk Linux back then (sadly not around anymore), which was based on Slackware Linux which is still around. Shortly after that, I started to dive more into Linux over the years. I have used many different distributions over the years as a daily driver. Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, and Solus just to name a few.

These days I tend to use Fedora as my daily driver, I like being able to run more up to date software that isn’t really modified for the distribution. Fedora feels very stock and since I manage mostly RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) for my day job, it is nice to use the upstream version of the system to just stay in the same ecosystem. That said, I have nothing against any other distribution.

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