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Why hello there, I am Hack13… Just some fox you met on the internet, or stumbled upon. I have am a Linux and UNIX SysAdmin by day and hobbyist developer by night. I also love playing in VR, my current favorite platform is NeosVR followed by VRChat from time to time. I enjoy the more nerdy community and flexibility NeosVR gives to me as a person who loves to tinker and make things. However, I know that VRChat is slowly becoming a bit better with allowing things like NeosVR but I don’t ever think the platforms will be the same.

Where do I go from here? I am not fully sure, I am still figuring myself out. I have recently come out as Non-Binary, and I am still discovering myself, and exploring the more feminine side of myself. We shall see what happens and where it goes, and don’t be affraind to say hello!

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